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began in the depths of lockdown, where the winter had set in and I was encompassed by darkness.

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I had recently stepped away from the corporate world with the hope to travel,
but the world had other ideas. From the outside it probably looked like I had it all together.

In reality I struggled with anxiety and often fell into forms of depression.

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Loneliness was something I felt daily.

The days and hours dragged.

I felt like I was spiralling and questioning everything.

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One day as I was standing in the queue to purchase a few groceries, I was distracted.

A gentleman asked me about the paints that were displayed where I was stood.

I was oblivious to their presence, probably up in my head overthinking about something.
I politely helped where I could, but there’s a reason he got my attention that day.

Something inside me suddenly had an urge to take a blank canvas and express myself.

I reached for black and white paint and that was it,
the monochrome artwork you see before you was born.

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I enjoyed the therapy it gave me.
Every stroke calmed my mind and brought me into a stillness and back into the moment. It was my happy place. The joy and focus it gave me then is why I still paint today.

My work is inspired by nature.
It constantly reminds me to embrace the ebbs and flows of life and that we are forever changing in each day. I have painted feathers, flowers, whales, the moon, owls and trees. I think I may have attempted a snail at some point too, oh and a sheep!

Mountains seemed to be the thing I kept coming back to. I feel like this whole chapter felt like a mountain. The struggle from the darkness at the bottom to then see the light and view from the top.

As I started to explore the rocky shapes I also felt a real connection to my grandpa, who I remember used to paint similar scenes when I was a young child. I feel his encouragement every time I paint.

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If you would like to feel my presence through my paintings then see the selection available here.

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May you have the courage to climb,
the strength to breathe,
the love to keep going
and peace when you reach your peak.


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Photography by Kat Hannon

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