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welcome to myllais

A blog written by me, Elinor Turner, which provides a space to share the thoughts that go on in my head, words of wisdom and guidance on how I have navigated the pathway on my healing journey to help you on yours.

"llais" is the welsh word for voice.
It is a part of my heritage.

Photography by Kat Hannon


11 Tips for Living on Your Own

Why 11? Because it's my favourite number and this is all about rediscovering yourself and what you love about you. I thought I would put...

Falling Behind

...and why these two words are detrimental to our existence. So the other day I found myself listening to something that was reporting on...

You've Changed.

With my sun in the fixed sign of Taurus and my rising in Virgo there's no wonder why change was something that many would see as...

Good Morning Beautiful

Three little words that I say to myself as I wake up in the morning. As I live alone, this has become super important as a part of my...

Wrong Way Up

As I was walking the other day I saw a soggy piece of cardboard. A smile graced my face as a thought dropped into my mind. According to...

Time To Use My Voice

Ok, so here goes, my first ever blog post. I decided to start writing a blog, as I have so many things that I’d like to share with this...


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