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All The Lonely People

Have you ever been surrounded by people and still felt loneliness?

It happened to me yesterday. I was in my artist studio, happily talking away to various visitors that came to admire my work and share thoughts over conversations. However I could still feel my energy slowly sinking as I left for the day. I hadn't had a particularly dull day, it featured some wonderful moments and highlights that I was grateful for, but something hit me in the late afternoon and evening. An energy that I couldn't seem to shake.

I allowed it to wash over me and found things to focus on.

I realised that I hadn't had connection from someone who really knows me, or felt love in a way that I needed to; like a hug. I was delighted to see my Dad's face on screen as we connected over our weekly game of Scrabble that we've been playing for almost a year now.

It brought me such JOY (which scores 13 on the board).

I knew we had it arranged, but those hours where I had a lull in things to do really got to me. I think it's about learning to live with the lulls, but recognising that indeed you are potentially in a thought of lack of something somewhere.

I think what I was feeling was a lack of true connection, or the knowing that someone is thinking about me. Not in a sense that I need attention all the time, it's more from a comfort thing. When you live on your own I have found it's really hard to find this. You can even be living with others and still feel incredibly lonely.

The world we live in has really separated people; even though at a tap of a few digits you're able to send a message instantly. We have become disconnected to each other and to ourselves.

One of the things I have started doing recently is letting people know that they are being thought about by me. It can be a small habit that you can implement. I simply send the person a message to say "I am thinking of you, so I thought I would let you know". You do not need to seek any form of conversation or response. You do not know how they may receive it, but on the occasions that I have chosen to do this the recipient has really felt the love I am sending them in that moment, at that time.

I believe it's important to open up and allow for this connection to flow, otherwise people would never know.

When was the last time you thought about someone and didn't let them know?

At that moment, at that time, they could really appreciate your presence.

The title of this post pays a reference to the song by The Beatles, which I actually now remember was playing at some point over the audio at some point in my day. I only remember this because I remember singing aloud to the lyrics, something I have started to do more recently to express my voice as a form of healing.

I hope that in this moment you feel loved.

I hope that in this moment any loneliness dissolves.

I hope that in this moment you feel my presence as you read this.

Sending kindness,


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