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Good Morning Beautiful

Three little words that I say to myself as I wake up in the morning.

As I live alone, this has become super important as a part of my rituals. When you do not have another person to wake up next to, it can be hard to feel loved or connected.

Instead I choose to create that love for myself and connect with my soul to see how she is feeling. I am grateful that I have met some great teachers along my pathway that have helped me to realise that this is what I needed to heal.

This morning as I opened the blinds I looked up to the sky and there she was; mamma moon. Quietly whispering a message to me that I'll treasure in my heart.

She was there for me today, watching over me, guiding me and bringing me comfort.

Today would be my wedding anniversary. Four years ago I woke up in a very different space and experienced a very different day.

Some of the people I shared it with are no longer active in my life, but still played a part in that chapter. I choose not to ignore, dismiss or suppress them, but to let go of attachment and simply forgive with love. It's taken a lot of work to get to where I am today, healing and processing all that I have experienced mentally, emotionally and physically.

Loving each part of you matters, even the parts that others deem ugly or a shadow or a mark in your story. Please remember that the parts that we do not love so much are often a reflection of other people's beliefs and a projection of their thoughts and feelings. You are beautiful; every chapter of your story creates who you are, you are unique.

I believe I was supposed to experience everything that I have in my life, in order to make a change to the narratives we hear and help others on their healing journey.

Sending kindness,


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