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I have a problem with shop small

A controversial statement from me as a small business and supporter of other souls walking this way, but if you give me a moment to take you on a journey through this thought then you will understand why I question it.

I am all for supporting smaller businesses rather than the big ones as I know where my money is going and it feels great to be a part of someone else's dream.

But what you're actually doing is helping them grow, which again I perceive as a wonderful thing.

The growth happens,

The business becomes bigger.

At what point do you stop buying their products or service if you follow the concept of #shopsmall ?

My example would be the skincare products I choose to use. I have supported this company for a while now and find great joy both from the products but also in the exchange of abundance.

If I saw that they had grown and more people were using them - would I stop purchasing from them?

The answer at present would be no.

So I ask you to instead of fixating on shop small, could you change it to shop mindfully? or shop with your heart?

Another example would be someone who I have followed for a little while now, and learnt a lot from their teachings. They are now expanding and shining their light bigger and brighter in the world as they become more open and seen. Do I still support her? Of course I do, because I believe in more than shop small.

Do you know the person you're purchasing from?

Can you see where the exchange of abundance would be?

Are you facilitating someone to study?

Or feed a family?

Where do your values sit?

What do you prioritise?

It may take a week to arrive because the seller has taken more care to package your piece individually.

Or the seller may have a more mindful approach to life and their health rather than whizzing around to send to that buyer because they perceptively need it fast, they take things at a steadier pace, to keep things more rooted in their natural energy.

Or would you rather sit in the knowledge that the love and support you have shared helps that business to feel needed in this world. Like they are making a difference, not only to your life but theirs.

Just something to ponder over as you make your next purchase.

Sending kindness,


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