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Like a proper artist.

These words found their way to my ears right at the beginning of my art journey.

I was in my studio with barely anything and openly talking to a gentleman who happened to pop by my space.

As we were talking I sensed this energy that didn’t seem to vibrate with my essence. He started to ask me about my journey, which to me was a kind thing, so I accepted the invitation to share my story.

I explained that I had come to it during the months of lockdown and that I just simply paint and hold the canvas in my hands or have it grounded on the floor. It's just my style.

Photography by Kat Hannon @kathannonphotographer

We continued talking and I referred to another artist who has a studio space at MerseyMade.

I literally said something along the lines of “oh yes she paints on larger canvases, you can see one on the big easel over there…”

The response “like a proper artist”





I don’t believe that the person in front of me realised the impression those four words planted on me.

It riddled me for a moment.

Triggering shadows within me that I was not good enough, that I wasn’t a “proper artist”.

Photography by Kat Hannon @kathannonphotographer

Society projects this narrative that you have to have ticked certain boxes to become something. The box I chose to tick was to believe in myself ☑️

Just because I haven’t been to art school;

or been doing it for years;

or in a way that others do in a traditional manner.

Does not mean that I am not an artist.

This is what I am trying to shine a light on.

Allow yourself to try new things.

Allow yourself to develop your own style.

Allow yourself to be creatively free.

You do not need to follow the crowd to form your own success.

How do you choose to reframe success?

Sending kindness,


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