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The Power of Finding Peace.

Ok so the other day I posted a story to Instagram showing my sparkly new crystals to my followers. I am trying to be as authentic as possible and shine my light with the world, so that others feel they can too. My intuition told me to post, but then ego set in afterwards when no-one reacted or commented... why did I doubt myself? Because I doubted people would still love me if they knew about my crazy crystal ways.

However I realised later that I was not causing any harm and actually sharing one of my healing methods that I have found along my pathway may help someone else. I chose not to judge myself, because if I start to judge me it invites all those internal voices in and the thoughts of others to take over. This is where I lost myself before, by trying to be like everyone else rather than just being me in that moment.

I chose to turn the narrative in my head around. Instead of thinking what other people were thinking about me, I chose to believe that actually my act could be sending out the peaceful vibes and energy that this world is very much in need of right now.

The confirmation of this thought came in my studio the following day. I was having a fairly quiet day, with the odd person coming to say hello. One in particular I won't forget was a four-legged friend. Now I'm not a huge dog person, never have been. I understand why others may love them, and I respect their love but for me they've not something that I warm to. However on this particular occasion this pup was thirsty. I was on my way to fill up my bottle for some hydration and noticed he needed his bowl filling. I kindly offered and his owner was very grateful. My act of kindness was nothing other than to nourish his body. But what happened next, nourished my soul.

The lady came and browsed my artwork, sharing kind words about my work. She noticed my crystals that I have scattered around my space. In particular the clear quartz geode that I proudly have displayed on my desk. I wanted to share it's beauty even more by showing her up close. I explained how I had received it, closed looking like nothing other than a rock.

As I cracked it open to show her the inside the pup instantly stopped fussy and remained completely still.

I believe the power of the crystal's energy brought pure peace and stillness to their soul in that moment. A couple of hours later the lady returned with her daughter, to show her my studio and also to show her the crystal. As I cracked it open to reveal the centre, the same thing happened again. THIS was the moment I realised that indeed my practice the previous day sharing the sparkles will have sent a peaceful vibration out into the world.

My intuition led me. I choose to quieten the overthinking mind now and just show up as myself. I hope this helps you to show up and shine completely as yourself too.

Sending kindness,


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