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Time To Use My Voice

Ok, so here goes, my first ever blog post.

I decided to start writing a blog, as I have so many things that I’d like to share with this world. Thoughts that rattle around in my head, questions that I know we need to discuss and feelings that I need to express. Trust me my phone notes are around 191 at the moment, so there’s plenty of content to come, so stick with me.

My hope with this blog is to reach those who may need to hear my words, connect with souls who perhaps need some help and provide guidance as I navigate the pathway on my own healing journey.

This blog will form a part of this healing. For years I have stayed quiet, kept things to myself and often been too afraid to use my voice to speak how I truly feel. I am fully aware of where this trauma has come from and I am here to heal it by sharing my story, to raise my vibration and those around me.

It’s time.

The moon is currently waning, a time to release, so this is the moment I choose to let my voice be heard and let go of all that holds me back.

As I sit in my studio space surrounded by my artistic expression I wish you all a lovely Wednesday. I hope it treats you kindly, however you choose to spend it.

Sending kindness,


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