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We need men to understand more about menstruation.

Ok, so a little while ago as I was studying I got a tad angry at the thought that the words we associate with women's cycles all contain the word "men".






I thought when did men get so involved in our cycles and why did we develop these terms that seem to be governed by the masculine. I thought to myself thank goodness it's called a womb and not a menb. At that moment I was a little angry, that yet again something so feminine had been obscured by a masculine dominance that seems to have surrounded society.

I took the time to let it settle and knew that there may be more to this,

that there may be more that I needed to uncover before blurting this out to the world.

I knew there was a reason I chose not to post at the time.

It came to me again this week as it intrigued me. I looked it up and sure enough found that there was way more to the origins of the word that my initial proposition. The words come from a combination of the latin word 'mensis' meaning month and the greek word 'mene' meaning moon. A gentle energy surrounding me in that moment and brought me comfort, knowing that all my observations and working with the cycles of the moon and my womb had come together.

I then started think about the journey I have been on to learn more about my cycles and how I literally flow throughout them. How my energy is at various phases and how sensitive my body is in keeping me in rhythm. My own rhythm.

And then it struck me.

Men do need to be involved in this.

I remember at school the girls assembling in the hall to receive a talk and presented with a package full of "women's products" and pamphlets explaining things a little more. On reflection I find this bizarre, why weren't we all educated together? I'm sure I'd have been happy to hear what happens to my male classmates just as much as they would want to know how it feels to bleed.

Things may have changed a little, or your experience was not quite the same, but for me this was a significant point in my learning journey that I feel would have benefitted from being together.

All the learning and progress I have made more recently to understand myself would be wonderful to share with those around me.

And I choose now to do so.

I speak far more openly with the men in my life about where I am in my cycle and when I choose to carry out tasks, being mindful of my energy. I have found that in my most recent cycle it was the men in my life that wanted to look after me and care for me, showing support in the various ways that they could.

We need to open up and allow them to do this for us.

They actually want to.

I hope this reflection helps you on your journey.

Sending kindness,


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