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What Should You Write About

So firstly, I really dislike the word should, but I’ve used it here to illustrate a point.

The word should, to me, implies that I must kinda follow a rule or routine or rhythm that is consistent and puts a pressure to be participating in an activity, all consumed with an underlying essence of guilt. I choose to steer away from this as this does not fit with my natural being, or perhaps yours for that matter.

I’ve been tossing and turning,

with thoughts in my head about what I “should” be writing about.

What do people want to hear?

What insights and information would they like to be delivered to them?

And how frequently?

When the real answer lies within me.

What do I need to express? And what words need to flow from me and onto the page?

And what works with my energy?

I’ve felt this huge amount of pressure, particularly as spring approaches (in the Northern Hemisphere) to be getting out of my winter hibernation and unravelling the cocoon that I’ve tightly knit around myself to keep me cosy, warm and safe.

Have you ever felt similar?

I figured that a part of the blockage has been knowing what to write about and when.

So today I choose to bravely step out of the cave, unravel the blanket and share with you a little tale that has brought me some warmth this morning.

I chose to go for a walk, the same route I took yesterday. The weather wasn’t as shiny, nor did the daffodils glow in their glory, but today something else sparkled and shone.

There was a man by a gate, just watching the world go by.

I chose to wave.

He waved back.

A smile grew across my face.

And one upon his.

That’s all we needed.

In that moment.

The joy of being noticed.

The joy of connection.

The joy that someone reached out.

I hope that as the day passes, they will remember this part.

Where a woman, wrapped up with gloves and wellies.

Passed by.

There you go, I wrote about it.

I got it out there and onto the page for you to read.

Next time you question what you are going to write about.

Perhaps just write.

Write about whatever it is you feel you’d like to express.

Try not to worry about whether it will be received by all.

Maybe just one person needs to hear it.

And maybe that one person is you.

Sending kindness,


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